Let us assist you with Local Law 87 compliance

If you have a building over 50,000 square feet, Local Law 87 requires you to file an Energy Efficiency Report (EER) with the NYC Department of Buildings. The EER consists of a comprehensive energy audit under Building Performance Institute and ASHRAE standards, and a retro commissioning study of base building systems—essentially, a tune-up. The law is asking building owners to perform the EER in order to generate some hard data about their buildings’ energy performance, with an eye to eventually improving energy efficiency.


Did you know?
Do you need to file an EER? We can help you navigate the process, analyze the data and help you improve your ROI.

We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through this process and execute your EER thoroughly, accurately and efficiently. Our team of certified analysts will handle all elements of the Local Law 87 compliance process, including:


Performing detailed site studies of all areas as required, including mechanical systems, HVAC, lighting, windows and doors, and the building envelope


Preparing an energy-efficiency analysis for the building, including recommendations for low-cost efficiency improvements


Performing retro commissioning, essentially a tune-up of systems, restoring them to peak efficiency


Filing all reports with the appropriate agencies, and obtaining receipts and compliance confirmation

Maximizing your investment

While LL87 doesn’t require you to perform any work, it does force you to create a plan to reduce your building’s energy consumption. And through various sources, including NYSERDA, there is funding available to offset the cost of executing qualifying plans that are properly submitted. Original Energy is certified to submit work to NYSERDA, and we work regularly with all three metropolitan utilities to help you choose between the many programs available.

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