Shorter Days, Longer Nights- LED Lights the Way

As we settle in for the dead of winter, here in the New York Metro area, it’s hard not to notice the days are shorter, and the nights, longer. With the dramatic change of the season kicking in, a growing number of property owners and facility managers have turned to LED to realize the benefits of better security, energy efficiencies and improved aesthetics.

LED lighting has continued to spring up everywhere, and outdoor areas present new opportunities to save on energy costs. With constant improvements in technology, LED has become a logical choice over other lighting options. LED provides ample lighting for parking lots, recreation facilities, and entryways at a growing number of venues, including hotels, retail operations, hospitals, athletic facilities, schools and municipal buildings.

For example:

  • 20 Parking Lot 1000 Watt Metal Halide Area Lights
  • Lights running12 hours/day
  • 71% energy demand reduction
  • $8,041 savings/year $110,448 over the lifetime of the bulbs
Two-hundred A19 (typical screw-in base) LED bulbs can save enough energy per year compared to a 60W incandescent to power an entire home in the United States all year. These A19 LED bulbs can last up to 25,000 hours while metal halide bulbs usually last about 2,500 hours. Facility staffs can use freed up labor to expedite upgrades to other sections of the campus.

view-led-case-studies-button Benefits

There are a number of measurable benefits for facility managers to install LED lights, including:

Safety and Security

LED delivers a high light output that creates high visibility with virtually no unwanted shadows or dark areas, creating a higher level of safety and security

Instant Illumination

Are you tired of waiting for your metal halide fixtures to warm up to full brightness? LED lights don’t require any warm up time, eliminating the typical 20-minutes for metal halide bulbs.

Greater Control

LED also offers much greater flexibility and options to regulate outdoor lighting, enabling property managers to dim specific locations and areas when they need to.

Lower Operation and Labor Costs

LED lights are projected to operate for more than 100,000 hours -more than three times the lights they replace. Longer lasting light bulbs reduce operating costs, including labor from constantly changing older lighting options.

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