Original Energy makes the oil-to-gas conversion process simple and hassle free

Original Energy’s conversion consulting program streamlines the oil-to-gas conversion process to eliminate the guesswork and make the transition as easy as possible. Our energy consultants leverage their experience to offer custom, cost-effective solutions for any type of property.

Did you know?
From permits to installation, our expertise guarantees a smooth transition.

We'll Take You Step by Step

Our experienced and certified team will support you every step of the way, from permits to plans to installation.


Site Evaluations

site evaluation by NYS licensed and registered professional engineer


Work-Order Requests Filed

work-order requests filed with utilities


equipment bids


Construction Permits

all construction permits


Project Management

project management through installation

Following a site visit and evaluation, our engineers can determine your needs, including potential gas load and replacement equipment size. Our project managers know all current Department of Buildings (DOB) codes and permitting requirements. They will also handle bid requests for all equipment including chimneys, boilers/burners and plumbing. We’ll present a complete project folder, priced and ready for installation.

Our team is your team

Original Energy accepts no fees or compensation from vendors: We’re working for you, and our goal is to get you a quality installation at the best price. As project managers for the conversion, we’ll charge 5% of the final conversion cost. The up-front consultation fee of $1,500 is deducted from the fee upon completion of the project.

Why Convert?
The return on investment is a powerful reason to complete a natural gas conversion. Depending on your annual usage, you could save anywhere from $75,500 to $112,000 per year, or more. With average installation costs running about $125,000, you could recoup your investment in most cases in less than two years.
NYC Clean Heat

ULS 2 Conversion Specialist

In July 2013, NYC Clean Heat launched the ULS 2 Conversion Specialist program. This program develops incentives and assistance for buildings interested in cleaner liquid fuel conversions to ULS 2 with biodiesel. Original Energy is proud to be listed as a Conversion Specialist.

"Original Energy’s turnkey services include cost assessment, construction management services, and assessment of potential rebate and incentive availability. Original Energy provides Clean Heat eligible buildings with commodity price auditing services and free site assessments that help identify immediate actionable options for cost reduction to the property and help start saving money." ~ excerpt from: www.nyccleanheat.org

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The first step to take for a gas conversion is to see if there is natural gas capacity in your neighborhood to convert your building. Step 2 would be to determine how the gas will get to your building. In order to provide you this information please fill out the form below and someone from Original Energy will contact you.

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